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Review: Heartstopper Vol. 1 by Alice Oseman (Spoiler-Free)

Re-read 5/21/23

First of all I have to give the biggest thank you in the entire world to the friend who gifted the Spanish edition of this book to me so I could re-read it 🥹 you are literally the best and your annotations were somehow more sweet than the book itself. Ily hj!!!

Alice Oseman can't possibly know how much this series has impacted my best friend group and so many people I know. From watching the series start to finish in a tent while backyard camping to collecting the books in every country we travelled, from citing it during all crises we went through to defining the soundtrack of our summer 2022, none of our lives would be the same without Nick and Charlie (and Tori and Isaac and Tara and Darcy, etc.).

Reading this in Spanish immediately after returning from studying abroad in Spain made it even more emotional. Every "No pasa nada," "que guay," and vocab word pulled at my heart. I miss it so much already.

To any member of my Heartstopper squad reading this, here's to many more late night Why Am I Like This? listens—Rachel will learn the beat eventually.

P.S. it's a year later and I'm still in love with Nick Nelson.


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