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Review: I'd Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel

I'm grateful for my one life, but I'd prefer to live a thousand... This is one of the most relatable and thought-provoking books I've ever read. I honestly don't think I can describe it in words. You have to be a certain person to relate to the book, but I honestly feel like anyone interested in reading (or starting to read again) would get something out of it. Whenever I'm in a slump I'm definitely going to find myself skimming these pages for the magic words that will pull me out of it. When I read this book, it makes me want to devour stories of all shapes and sizes-- give me classics, nonfiction, fantasy, middle-grade, ANYTHING. The first time I read this happens to be during a quarantine-- something future me should be interested to note-- so I cannot visit the library anytime soon, which makes me sad. However, I have time to conquer my personal library, and, of course, check out some titles on Libby. :)

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