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Review: 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston (Spoiler-Free)

This year I've made it my mission to consume as much holiday media as I can leading up to Christmas. This book was a fabulous starting point.

Super fluffy, full of family, friendships, and fun—I could not have asked for a more perfect little rom-com. Was the romance all that exciting? No, but it was exactly what you'd expect from a YA hallmark-y type story, so if that's what you're looking for, definitely give this one a try.

I really loved the big family elements and also Sophia's relationship with her sister while she was in the hospital. It added a layer of realness among all the shenanigans. Speaking of the shenanigans, the blind dates were so fun! The concept for this book could have easily been done terribly, but this book was very well-written/edited so the structure never got repetitive.

I'm now very interested to read some of this author's backlist and her upcoming adult thriller!

🎁holiday week 🎁

book one- 10 blind dates

book two- almost midnight


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