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Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Re-read)

This is undeniably a 5 star read. I see what past me was thinking, wanting to leave room for the books to get even better, but I'm over that. This book deserves 5 stars because I love everything about it. Maas's ability to weave plot-lines together is incredible, and the characters in this series have my whole heart. Celaena is amazing on her own, but I also do love Dorian and Chaol (I think Chaol just a little bit more hehe). I am also very intrigued by Nehemia and her potential role in future books. Additionally, I know that in her books, Maas leaves no thread loose, so characters like Nox and Kaltain will return too. Nox I'm excited about, Kaltain on the other hand... Anyway, I need to read the next book immediately and I can't wait to continue to be destroyed by this series.

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