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  • ★★-2

Review: Warcross by Marie Lu

This is the book that had been on my physical TBR the longest (five years...) and I think that shows. If I'd read it back then when I first got it, I probably would have enjoyed it more. It makes me very sad to give a Marie Lu book two stars because I love her Legend series, but so much of this book didn't work for me. The majority of the book was solid three-star material and was generally fun and easy to read. What knocked it down another star though was... the romance. It took up WAY too much time and was gross because of the power dynamic between Emika and Hideo (which makes sense knowing the "plot twist", but also I saw that twist from a mile away and still did not enjoy suffering through those scenes). I think I could enjoy a book like this if it was written for the adult market as I enjoyed a lot of the ethical questions raised by the ending and would love to have been able to see them explored in more depth.


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