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  • ★★-2

Review: Unearthed by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner (Spoiler-Free)

This was like Don't Look Up mixed with the video game Outer Wilds minus the actually good parts. I was very intrigued by the premise and honestly really enjoyed the first 100 pages, but then things got really repetitive and stupid. I knew I should have probably dnf'd this when the mc's kissed instead of running away in the precious seconds they had to survive. But the book was easy to read, I'll give it that, so I decided to see it through to the end. That turned out not to be worth it. While the plot was somewhat interesting, the characters were cardboard. And the plot turned out to be disappointing. The "twists" were incredibly predictable and the ultimate reveal was dumb. It's possible it could get a little better in the sequel, but I'm not interested enough to find out. I genuinely think that if you're at all interested in the themes or set-up of this book you should just play Outer Wilds or watch Don't Look Up and you'll have a much more fulfilling experience.


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