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Review: The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones (Spoiler-Free)

'We're from where we're from,' she says back. 'Scars are part of the deal, aren't they?'

Now this was something different. This is my first read for the Fortnight Frights readathon, and I really enjoyed it! Well... enjoy might be the wrong word based on what goes on lol.

A lot of the themes in here reminded me of similar ones discussed in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues, and I would definitely recommend that book to anyone who enjoyed this one and vice versa.

I really like books like this where you can't be exactly sure what's going on, but still can't stop reading. I honestly don't really know what else to say- I feel like this really is a book you have to go into blind.

I would totally recommend getting the audiobook and listening to it while you read- for some reason the audio really helped me get into the story.

The last thing I'd like to add is some links to Native reviewers!! (courtesy of Chandler Ainsley)

autumn's interview with stephen graham jones:

Song I was reminded of while reading: I Won't Complain


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