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Review: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (Spoiler-Free)

Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes. I first read this series in middle school and my strongest memory of it was being surprised by the plot twists. Somehow, even as a college student, I was still surprised by the plot twists 🤦 This series and The Hunger Games are the textbook definition of "holds up." I initially wanted to re-read these in preparation for the upcoming Disney+ series (speaking of which, imagining the actors as the characters while reading was PERFECT), but now I'm honestly just hooked on the books again. Hopefully I'll get to my next read of Sea of Monsters soon. The plot, characters, and writing are all impeccable. Rick Riordan knows how to write a book. The action and intrigue never dwindles, and with each scene you care more and more about the characters. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are my babies <3 I was also thoroughly impressed with how much detail of Greek myths are discussed. I didn't remember how into depth Riordan goes with it, but I was very pleasantly surprised to be refreshed on so much mythology. Oh, and we can't forget to thank Rick for those chapter titles. I mean, 'I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher,' now THAT'S a way to start a book. I can't wait to continue my re-read soon and I also cannot wait for the show!!


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