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Review: Ten by Gretchen McNeil (Spoiler-Free)

* mutilated corpses and the smell of burning flesh surround two teenagers *

them: yeah, this seems like a good time to make out

This was ridiculous, but I had fun, okay?

Also, Talia Gilbert (the audiobook narrator) gave the performance of her LIFE. She was out here screaming and I just need to thank her for giving me that experience.

Before I talk about what else I liked, I do want to mention that there are some... questionable word choices and portrayals in this book. Some of them are meant to be bad because they're said by bad characters and are pushed back against by others, but some are just... not ideal. This was published in 2012, but that's not really an excuse. Just wanted to preface my thoughts by saying that.

I started this book a few hours ago and accidentally read the whole thing in one sitting. There really isn't anything special about it (besides the audiobook narrator!!), but it was just super fun and easy to read. Everyone was terrible and dumb but I loved watching everything implode.

If you're looking for an easy teen slasher that is pretty cheesey and over-the-top (but also does pack in some decent twists?), I'd honestly recommend this. It's a good time and reads so fast it's basically like turning on a cheap teen horror movie. It would definitely go well with popcorn.

Maybe it's because I read it all in one sitting, but I kinda liked the ending (well, not the ENDING—anyone who's read that last line definitely burst out laughing). The reveals were well foreshadowed and the suspense and gore was thrilling. Again, it's possible I was simply reading with no thoughts head empty, but it made the experience more fun so... I guess maybe that's a sound strategy.

Definitely nothing compared to Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, but some of the gimmick was the same, so I can understand the crossover appeal. Just don't go in expecting anything brilliant or literary. Go in envisioning Riverdale on an island setting. If you're ready to roll your eyes and laugh, but still be on the edge of your seat, I think this would definitely be a good time.

book two: ten


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