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  • ★★★★-4.5

Review: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (Spoiler-Free)

4.5 stars (4 for enjoyment, 5 for quality)

Well, well, well. This is an interesting one. If I could give any advice when it comes to reading this book, I would honestly recommend reading it slowly. Savor every page, every thought. I don't think this story is meant to be consumed rapidly, and I think I made that mistake. Yes, Rebecca is a slow burn, but it's so, so effective. I can definitely see myself re-reading this one day, over a longer period of time, so I can really savor it.

The writing in here is on a whole other level. I've never read something that flows so seamlessly and physically transports you into not only the world, but the mindset of the people in that world. By the halfway point in this book, I could nearly predict the exact sentences each character would provide in reaction to the events at hand. And I don't mean this as a criticism, not at all. I sincerely mean it as a compliment. I'm not saying I could predict the plot (because trust me, I didn't), I'm saying that the characters are so well-written, including only the most perfect intricacies, that I felt like I knew them as real people-- that I could predict their reactions like I could members of my family. With that alone, Daphne du Maurier demands my respect.

I was also surprised how much I could relate to the main character at times. I found her to be so humorous, the way she analyzed herself and others. I liked how she was self-aware, yet couldn't help her juvenile thoughts.

Rebecca is a tale I most definitely want to revisit, through the movies, and an eventual re-read. I also anticipate reading more from du Maurier. Perhaps I'll have to pay a visit to Jamaica Inn sometime in the near future.


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