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  • ★★★-3

Review: Missing Clarissa by Ripley Jones (Spoiler-Free)

~ Thank you to Wednesday Books and NetGalley for an early copy in exchange for an honest review! RELEASE DATE: March 7 ~

Maybe none of us see what anybody else looks like, even the people we love. All we can know is how they look to us.

This was a YA mystery. All the elements were there alright. But they didn't do anything different. Everything that happens in this story is what you would expect—might be good for a first-time reader in the genre—so it never wowed me like its comp title A Good Girl's Guide to Murder did. This also definitely reads on the younger side of YA, which is completely fine, but that comparison to AGGTM really threw me because that series is WAY more dark and mature.

I don't really have all that much to say about this because I already know it will be so forgettable, but it was a relatively easy read once I got into it and kept me interested despite being so basic.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has read their fair share of mystery, but maybe to a younger kid interested in the genre.


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