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  • ★★-2

Review: Kiss Her Once For Me by Alison Cochrun (Spoiler-Alert)

I am so sad about this rating. The pitch of this book sounded so good. But its execution just wasn't.

My main gripe was that I just found it boring and wasn't invested in the romance at all. Which, you know, seems like an issue for a romance book. I think the main reason this was the case was because of the set-up and the... strange representation of demisexuality. We are expected to believe that our main character Ellie had a one night stand with Jack after only spending one afternoon together and then continued to pine over her for an entire year even after she found out Jack had a secret wife??? I don't want to discredit anyone's experience of demisexuality, especially because I don't know if the author identifies that way herself, but... the general idea is that one doesn't experience sexual attraction based on a first meeting and can only develop it after a deep pre-established bond or relationship. So. The opposite of what happens here.

Beyond that though, the conflict was just strange with the whole love trapezoid going on and I don't know I just wasn't enjoying my time. The writing also started getting on my nerves. Someone please tell me what a quarter-moon smile is and why I had to hear about it at least 50 times. Also this is a general pet peeve that happens in a lot of books but PEOPLE DO NOT SMELL LIKE FOODS AT ALL TIMES. Nobody smells like bread 24/7. Nobody.

Anyway, this book was definitely unique and had a lot of potential, but ultimately it wasn't for me.


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