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  • ★★★★-4

Review: Five Total Strangers by Natalie D. Richards (Spoiler-Free)

Call me crazy, but I had so much fun with this. If I'm being honest, the ending was 3.5 star quality, but my enjoyment of this book is way worth rounding up my stars to 4.

This was one of those tense, action-packed thrillers that just keeps you flipping the pages. I wasn't expecting anything revolutionary, and I didn't get that, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey all the same.

Five Total Strangers definitely delivers on its premise, and if you're looking for something super quick and fun, I'd recommend it!

Something I am very curious about though—why were there SO MANY TYPOS?? This was published by SourcebooksFire and my copy is the 10th printing and yet I found several missing spaces, double periods, missing words, and incorrectly italicized letters. It didn't bother me very much but still I was very confused lol.

❄️winterween ❄️

book one- near the bone

book two- five total strangers

book four- the grownup


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