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  • ★★★-3.5

Review: Cofessions by Kanae Minato (Spoiler-Free)

3.5 stars.

If I had cut the two of you to shreds with a knife, I think I would have hated the little pieces of you just the same.

This book had a fascinating plot with (for me) a lacking execution. I wasn't a fan of the narrative style as I found it distant and repetitive. It kept me from feeling fully engrossed or connected.

That being said... those plot twists still hit me. The ending of Chapter One and the final pages of the book left me with my jaw on the floor. But the amount of repetition I had to get through to get to those points really hampered my momentum.

Overall, this was a very interesting read and one I could see a lot of people loving. The narrative style just didn't gel with me.


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