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Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

An absolute banger.

What can I possibly say about this that hasn't already been said? This is everything a sequel should be and more.

I've seen the movie of this book probably over 10 times because I was once on a cruise that played it on loop all day for a week. And you know what? That was iconic of them, really. Because while this book is literary perfection, the movie is cinematic perfection too.

"If it weren't for... the baby 😏"

^ That's history right there.

Another thing to note: I am violently Team Peeta and I don't understand you if you aren't (UNLESS you're Team Katniss on her own, in which case, yes I agree too).

What I'm really getting out of reading the books as opposed to the movies I watched in middle school is that they're such a striking commentary on the real world. The Capitol is honestly haunting viewing it from that perspective, which I failed to do as a child.

Also, Katniss is way more interesting in the books because you get to hear the thoughts inside her head.

Anyway, Catching Fire is perfection and I am terrified and excited to finally complete this series, even though I know the pain coming my way.


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