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Review: Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis (Spoiler-Free)

yes this is a book about cannibalism. yes, i enjoyed it. and yes, i did read it because the movie is going to feature timothée chalamet. i will admit all of this because if there's anything that this book taught me, it's to not be ashamed.

this is one of those books you really shouldn't know too much going into-- the fun of it is the ride. you'll get to know maren, and various other people-eaters along the way. for some, you'll feel sympathy, for others, utter revulsion. and yet, i couldn't help leaving this book feeling charmed.

anyway, for some strange reason which i cannot even attempt to explain, i would recommend giving this a read. it was enjoyable and gross and everything in between. i both eagerly and fearfully await the movie.

song i was reminded of while reading: runaway

bones and all


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