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Review: As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson (Spoiler-Free)

'I'm sorry for this,' she said, staring forward at the other groups of people. People on long trips away, or long trips home, or not-very-long trips either way. People on family visits with small, sleepy children, or nights out, or even nights in, picking up food on the way. Normal people living their normal lives. And then the three of them in this car.

WARNING: If you start this book, you will not be able to put it down.

Oh my god... Holly Jackson DID THAT. I promise you that when you go into this book, you will not be prepared. There were around seven separate occasions where I got chills, dropped the book into my lap, and stared at the wall going "wtf wtf wtf wtf." And every time that happened, I always knew things had to happen that way, but I was just in AWE of how Jackson brought the story to those points. She really pulled off a perfect miracle here. This was by far the best plotted book in the whole series, and it really gave me a lot of writing inspiration.

This book is going to be divisive (especially the ending), and I get that, but I also understand exactly what Jackson was going for and I personally think she accomplished it. And what she was going for just so happens to be a direction I love exploring in thrillers. I found Pip to be such a believable, yet flawed character, and I'm so sad her story is over, but I'm also happy with where we left things.

I'm obsessed with how this book explores morality, the justice system, drug dependency, trust between friends/partners, LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Everything from the slow build of the beginning caused the most tense, suspenseful, snowball of events from the 200 page point on.

I am DEFINITELY going to be reading whatever Jackson writes next.


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