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Review: A Question of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro (Spoiler-Free)

As I am amidst my fourth watch of Sherlock the BBC show (not even counting the seven times I've watched the first episode...), I thought it would be appropriate to finish this series once and for all.

While I honestly remember nothing from the previous books (that's what happens, Emily, when you wait several years before finishing the series), I still really enjoyed this one. Brittany Cavallaro clearly understands the heart of Sherlock very well, and I really appreciate that throughout all of these books. I'm always scared to go into a new Sherlock-inspired tale because I'm so attached to his character and story and I want to see it be continued appropriately (yes, that does mean I'm too scared to watch the Robert Downey Jr. version and Enola Holmes).

The reason I knocked this one down a star is because I really didn't care too much for the 'series plot' vs. the 'book plot.' Maybe it's because I don't remember anything from the previous books, but even when I was filled in by that info, I was really only excited about figuring out the mystery at hand in this installment. And, on top of that, I thought the ending to the mystery within this book was a little lackluster, though that does not mean I didn't enjoy the lead-up (I very much did). I also did not care too much about the romance here, although I must say I loved how things end between Charlotte and Jamie— it's the perfect homage to our good friends Sherlock and John.

I'm so glad that this series exists and that I've finally managed to complete it! Of course, now that means I must find another way to satiate my Sherlock cravings (without rewatching it even more times, though we all now that too is inevitable). The Holmes' have many vices, and their stories are one of mine.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Look After You


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