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Review: Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin

Finished reading on Jan. 7, full review posted on Feb. 23.

Thank you to Wednesday Books for sending me an early copy for review and for asking me to take part in the blog tour for this title! DNF @ 24% This book just really was not for me. It took me 5 days to read 80 pages and that is no where near my usual pace, so I could tell that there was no use in me finishing it. I could definitely see tons of people enjoying this, I was just not one of those people, unfortunately. Foul is Fair follows Jude and her three best friends as they plot murderous revenge against the boys that raped her. It's a retelling of Macbeth as well. While I did find the concept interesting, to me, the execution was lacking. I found myself constantly confused over which character was which, what they looked like, and how to distinguish them from each other. I never fully understood what was going on either. Overall, I just found the writing to be cryptic, and I therefore had no investment in the story, and especially not in the characters.

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