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Review: The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black (Spoiler-Free)

Everything it needed to be, but not more. I feel like that's the best way to describe this book. If The Wicked King was 10 stars, then this one was 8. Keep in mind that this is still on a scale of 5. That's how good this books are. 'You don't know how long I've waited to hear those words,' he says. 'You don't want me dead.' I can't believe how much Holly Black manages to fit into these short books and somehow have them turn out to not be a two-dimensional mess. Maybe she really does have some sort of magic. That would honestly explain a lot. The most impressive thing to me about this series is how well Black is able to flesh out her characters in such a short amount of time. For example, Jude and Cardan are two people who are nearly as far from similar to me as possible, and yet, I can understand their every move. As someone who often has trouble loving romance within fantasy... this is quite the exception. Jude and Cardan are legitimately one of the best ships of all time. It's not just a 'hate-to-love' based on a stupid miscommunication where the boy occasionally side-eyes the girl. No, it's a full-on 'you tried to kill me' hatred to a full-on By you, I am forever undone. kind of love. I was overall content with the ending, but I want more about certain characters, and I hope that a spin-off is in the making. I would honestly be happy if it followed virtually any of the other characters. Taryn? Suprisingly, yes. The Bomb and the Roach? Yes. The Ghost... and Taryn? Oh yes. Oak? YES. There is a lot to consider here, and I hope Holly Black takes the time to do so. I need more Fairie in my life. :)

Song I was reminded of while reading: Cold Blood

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