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Review: Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott (Spoiler-Free)

This is going to be a book that's very hard to review. I think the best ways to describe my feelings on it require a disclaimer: 1) This book was written based on the screenplay of the movie. So, while the movie came out after the book, the movie essentially came first. 2) I went into this book expecting it to be tropey and whatnot, but still hoping it would be entertaining, and that was the perfect way to approach it. 3) I had an enormous amount of faith in this book and movie handling the topic of cystic fibrosis well because it was directed by Justin Baldoni. He is an actor from Jane the Virgin, but in the past has made a documentary about Claire Wineland and was a great friend of hers. He helped her pursue her dream of public speaking and genuinely loved her. I know that he created this story with the best in mind. This was his first time ever directing a full length film and I know it meant the world to him. That just made this story all the more special to me. Overall, I was thoroughly entertained by this book, and had trouble putting it down because it was just so fast-paced. It felt just like watching a movie (as expected lol), and while it followed the usual YA sick-lit storyline, some of the ideas and themes discussed in it exceeded my expectations. You could tell that the characters were written around the actors, but that made it so easy to fit them to a face. If you're looking for an addicting, quick read that packs an existential punch, don't hesitate to pick this one up! Just keep in mind that it is a tad cliché (in a good way in my opinion). ;)

Song I was reminded of while reading: Could've Been

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