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  • ★★★★-4

Review: King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo (Spoiler Alert)

Hate is one kind of fuel. But hate that began as devotion? That makes for another kind of flame. I'm feeling a lot of ways about this book that I really didn't expect to. On one hand it was amazing and the plot twists had me shook, but on the other it was incredibly dull in certain sections. Luckily, the amazingness of the good parts did definitely outweigh the huge "info-dump" sections. Of course the characters were amazing (as always), and I was so happy to find myself falling back in love with the original crew from the Grisha Trilogy. I loved Nikolai, of course, and Zoya, Genya, David, and more. I also acquired a newfound love for Isaak, but my heart BROKE when he died D: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. The Nina chapters were a bit less interesting to me, but I did love certain aspects of them. I really enjoyed the new character of Hanne Brum. I still can't believe that Brum is her dad. When that was revealed I legit had to take a moment away from the book to process. Also, I am SO hyped about the way her plotline ends, because omg was that an ending. I'm setting such high expectations for her section in book two lol. If she doesn't pull off her own Kaz Brekker style plan, I may be disappointed. I'm also still in utter disbelief about absolutely everything regarding the ending. Ehri AND Nikolai were fakes!!!! BOTH OF THEM!! Like I just can't get over the irony in that. Also, Nikolai still has some monster in him, and THE FREAKING DARKLING IS BACK. Why was I not expecting this???? Also, this was earlier in the book, but that double cross by Elizabeta came straight out of left field. I possessed not a single inkling that anything remotely like that would occur. Oh, also Zoya is part dragon now, so there's that too. As you can tell if you read my spoilery section, I absolutely loved so much of this book, but I'm just a teeny bit sad that the first part (almost half) was so boring. I'm really hoping that the next book picks up where this one leaves off and we can skip that whole info-dumpy part, cool? Hopefully lol. I NEED MOREEEE

Song I was reminded of while reading: King of the Clouds

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