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  • ★★★★-4.5

Review: The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro (Spoiler-Free)

4.5 stars. Eek! That was good. It took me little bit to get into the story and remember what went down in the previous two books, but MAN once I hit that point there was no stopping me. I was also nervous going into this book because it has two perspectives, unlike the previous books in the series. However, it totally worked because when one perspective's chapter ended I HAD to keep reading to get back to them and find out what would happen next. I've missed the Sherlock vibes in my life and this brought them all back. :) Also, the plot twists though. I honestly thought I had some of it figured out, but no, the curveballs just kept coming. Of course, Holmes and Watson continue to have such an intriguing dynamic together and I can't wait for that to be furthered in the next (and last?) book. Maybe I shouldn't have read this one until the next one came out because I need to know what happens next...

Song I was reminded of while reading: Let it Go

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