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Review: Legendary by Stephanie Garber (Spoiler-Free)

Note: If you want to read my review including spoilers, read it on my Goodreads page linked here. If not, continue on into the spoiler-free version!

I am so happy that we got to learn so much more about the world in this book. After Caraval, I was teeming with anticipation to get to know more about the world outside of the game, and this book really delivered. I think that I enjoyed the first book a tiny bit more than this one, but this one was still SO MUCH FUN. I loved meeting some new characters like Jacks, but I also loved getting to know the characters from this world that were less important in book one. For example, I have grown to really like Tella (I still like Scarlett a little more though), and it was very interesting to learn more about Dante. (view spoiler) I can't wait for book three and I need to know how this is all gonna end!! This will be me as I sit waiting for the "Finale." Get it??? Ha, I'm so funny.

Song I was reminded of while reading: In My Blood

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