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Review: Here Lies Daniel Tate by Cristin Terrill (Spoiler-Free)

Oh. My. God. What. This book will mess with your mind in ways you didn't know were possible. I actually cannot describe how this will make you look at the world after reading it. It will make you realize how nothing is as it seems and some secrets will remain secrets forever, no matter how much faith you put into the justice system. The world's unfair, and that is the main message of this book.

DISCLAIMER: This is a thriller so my synopsis will probably be very vague. Also the song that I think corresponds to this book is 100% perfect for it and is definitely the most perfect comparison of song to book that I have done as of now.

I am Daniel Tate and I went missing six years ago from a rich Californian family. I just confessed my story to the police and they're going to bring me home. There's still one thing for me to confess, though I'm not too sure I ever actually will. I am not really Daniel Tate.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Dollhouse

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