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  • ★★★★-4.25

Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (Spoiler-Free)

This book was so atmospheric when it came to the world-building. I could see everything, and it was so colorful, from the flowing current to the dark metals of the Shotet nation.

By plot alone, this book would have most likely received a 3.5-4 stars from me, but because of the AWESOME characters it definitely deserves a 4.25. I would totally recommend giving this one a read, and if things are moving too slow for you in the beginning, just wait because the plot really picks up.

“I am a Shotet. I am sharp as broken glass, and just as fragile. I tell lies better than I tell truths. I see all of the galaxy and never catch a glimpse of it.” - Veronica Roth (Carve the Mark)

Akos lives in Thuvhe, one half of a planet plagued by war. Cyra lives in Shotet, the opposing nation in this conflict. The current flows between them, connects them, and everyone else in the galaxy. Cyra is a royal from the family Noavek, and needs help coping with what her currentgift had done to her. Her family captures Akos and uses his currentgift to help her with hers. Akos needs to get back home to Thuvhe, but the family Noavek cannot simply let that happen.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Bloodsport

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