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Review: The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr (Spoiler-Free)

The best word to describe this book is: fascinating. Before one begins reading, it is impossible to realize the state of forgetting every couple hours. It is so hard to imagine what it's like to forget, because when one experiences it they cannot recognize it. Nobody knows what they have forgotten, and that is the fascinating topic covered in this book.

Along with this, the character Flora has such an interesting outlook on life as well. It is so hard to see her being controlled by everyone else when she holds such a strong capability inside. The twists and manipulations that Flora are put through truly display her courage and brilliance on an elevated level.

Overall, this book was fascinating, as I said before, and held a heart-warming message that anyone struggling with independence can take away.

“I am really here. Yet I know I am not. I am inside something that must be buried in my head. I am layers deep in my own brain.” - Emily Barr (The One Memory of Flora Banks)

Flora Banks is a ten year old girl. When she looks at her hands though, she turns seventeen. This is because she has no ability to remember after the age of ten. Every couple of hours her brain resets and she has to be reminded of who she is and how old she is by the writing on her hands. However, one day this all changes. She kisses a boy named Drake. And she remembers. The problem that lies here though is that Drake has left the country for good. She has to find him.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Gold

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