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Review: We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han (Spoiler-Free)

I— I am in disbelief.

Going into this, my friend told me it was bad. So I tempered my expectations. And still. I was not prepared.

This installment was an absolute dumpster fire. It took everything that previously made the series fun and flipped it into something unrecognizable.

The first two books are fun summer YA contemporary romances. This one is a dramatic NA college romance surrounding a WEDDING??? What. Even. Happened.

Don't even get me started on what Jenny Han did to Jeremiah in this book all in the name of Conrad. Stupid Conrad who literally does absolutely nothing to deserve a happy ending.

I'm mad about this book and I'm going to simply choose to believe this series ended after the first one. If the show gets a season 3 I'm PRAYING they change how the ending is handled.

Want to hear my full spoilery thoughts? Check out my reading vlog for The Summer I Turned Pretty Series! ☀️


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