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  • ★★★-3

Review: The Night Country by Melissa Albert (Spoiler-Free)

um. did i even read this book? this is gonna be a super informal review because despite the fact that i read this whole thing i don't think i can tell you anything that happened. like. it really just did not engage me at all, but at the same time did nothing wrong.

i rly liked the first ⅔ of The Hazel Wood (the first book in this series), but i didn't particularly love the direction it went in the end, and, unfortunately, it only went farther into that direction in this book.

this installment felt so- linear?- like there was nothing that interested me, it all just felt like watching things happen but having no stake in the events, no reason to care.

it's a shame because I really did love the first book, but it's okay because i'll try to keep my positive memories of that one separate from the sequel.

i don't think i'm interested in reading Tales From the Hinterland anymore, but i'll keep my eye out for reviews when it comes out in case people say it's amazing. i do definitely still want to read more from this author, though.

overall, if you liked the ending of The Hazel Wood more than the beginning, i would definitely recommend this book, but if you liked the beginning better, i honestly think you should just end the story with the first one.


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