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  • ★★★★-4.25

Review: Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall (Spoiler-Free)

So be careful what roads you take, and who you follow down them.

Enjoyment while reading was definitely worth a 4.5, but the ending was just a 4, so I'm evening things out into the nitty gritty.

This was a super fun YA horror, and I was so so glad to discover that it was actually scary. Was it the most horrifying thing I've ever read? No. But were there some brutally disturbing moments. Hell yeah.

I think I'm coming to learn that I enjoy a good ghost story, and this is definitely one of them. I loved the mixed media elements too and the writing style was perfect. It wasn't exactly an unreliable narrator, more like an unreliable experience and I loved it. I'm eager to pick up more from this author.

Thank you, Rules of Vanishing, for seeing me down in a reading slump and violently yanking me out of it. I can't wait to get into some more spooky reads for fall and kick this slump to the curb.


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