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  • ★★★★-4.5

Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry (Spoiler-Free)

We are just looking at each other. There are no hard edges to grab hold of, no distinct markers on this moment's beginning or end, nothing to separate it from the millions just like it.

But this, this is the moment I first think it.

I am in love with you.

The thought is terrifying, probably not even true. A dangerous idea to entertain. I release my hold on it, watch it slip away.

But there are points in the center of my palms that burn, scorched, proof I once held it there.


Yes, I—oof sorry, scratchy throat—liked this romance book. Ow! No, I'm not saying that out loud. Gah, enough!

I liked this romance book... with quotes like the one above. Is that what you wanted??

As painful as it is for me to admit, I do, in fact, have feelings. And sometimes, if you catch me at the right moment, they can be manipulated. By, um, love.

So, Poppy Wright and Alex Nilsen, congratu-fuckin-lations. You broke me.

The slow burn blazed, the friendship blossomed, and Poppy's mom gave them a Costco-sized box of condoms. I laughed, I cried (well, not really), and I screamed incoherently (this one, really).

Maybe it was Valentine's Day getting to me, or maybe it was just the magic of Emily Henry.

4.5 stars


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