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  • ★★★-3.5

Review: Parasite by Darcy Coates (Spoiler-Free)

3.5 stars!

For the most part, this book was very enjoyable, but it came with two major issues for me:

1. It's pitched as a novel, and it's very much not. It's short stories. Yes, they all take place in the same universe during the same time period with the same main conflict, but that does not make something a novel.

2. The last story was so obviously less heavily edited than the rest. It was so much weaker, made less sense, had more typos and poorer writing. Until that last one I definitely would have given this book 4 stars!

Did I think this book was fun? Overall, yes, and definitely for the first few stories. The longer it went on, the less I was interested. What I am interested in though, is reading more from this author. I enjoyed the writing and so many of the ideas here and of course I'm always looking for more horror to add to my TBR.


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