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Review: Out There by Kate Folk (Spoiler-Free)

I loved the writing throughout this entire collection and was drawn in by every single premise. The execution of some of the stories didn't click for me, hence several with lower ratings. That being said, I would read something new from this author in a heartbeat. Her command of voice is masterful. Not a single one of these stories has a narrator that could possibly be mistaken for another. That takes an insane amount of skill.

"Heart Seeks Brain" is a new favorite story of all time. I'm also excited to hear that the concept behind "Out There" and "Big Sur" is being developed for television. I also can't stop thinking about the premise of "The Turkey Rumble".

Out There- ★★★★☆

The Last Woman on Earth- ★★★★½

Much more allegorical than the other stories, but it really hit home.

Heart Seeks Brain- ★★★★★

I read this three times already because I can't look away from it. The last sentence is going to follow me around forever.

The Void Wife- ★★★½

Shelter- ★★★☆☆

The Head in the Floor- ★★☆☆☆

Sometimes I look over at him and wonder what fundamental and overpowering sadness there is inside of him that compels him to stay here with me while the head rises from my floor. But I'm not going to say anything, because like. What if he leaves.

Was I captivated by the plot and trajectory of this one? No. But that damn narrator. Weirdest style choice yet. Incredible.

Tahoe- ★★★☆☆

I'm obsessed with the narrative style of this one. But given its form, I feel like it can only be so significant (was any of it even relevant? I know that's the point. But still).

The Bone Ward- ★★★★☆

This was truly twisted. I wish the ending wasn't so predictable, but the build-up was perfectly ominous and terrifying.

Doe Eyes- ★★★★☆

I felt like I really understood this one until the last line. I'm gonna keep thinking on it.

The House’s Beating Heart- ★★½

A Scale Model of Gull Point- ★★☆☆☆

Dating a Somnambulist- ★★★★☆

This felt like an exercise in generating pure randomness and I was honestly impressed.

Moist House- ★★★☆☆

Don't we all rub buckets of massage lotion onto the walls of our house with our naked bodies?

The Turkey Rumble- ★★★½

Concept gets a 10/10.

Big Sur- ★★★★☆


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