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Review: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead (re-read)

Re-read 2021:

oh yes, this holds up.

it's been a minute since i read this for the first time, and i was worried i wouldn't love it as much as i did before. luckily, i was wrong. i'm still obsessed with these books.

the Vampire Academy universe is truly the perfect thing to fall back into when things are feeling scattered. in a reading slump? vampire academy. need an audiobook? vampire academy. the world is slowly crumbling around you? vampire academy is always the answer.

are these books cheesey? honestly i don't think so. the covers exude an energy that i truly believe is not reflective of the content of the books. there is more depth to these books than you'd expect, and the plot and worldbuilding is more interesting than you'd probably expect too. heck, this was a re-read and i was shocked by the plot twist at the end again.

these books are just so much fun, and the characters truly stick with me. i can't wait to continue, and i don't know what i'll do once i finish 😭

you can find my original review from 2018 here.


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