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Review: Rebel by Marie Lu

I truly believe that this series is perfect. I love it so much and could honestly just re-read it forever. I thought was a great (albeit heart-breaking) ending to this series, but Rebel provides an even better one. It feels complete, yet not too perfect. This final installment in the series is incredible. I knew I would love it because Daniel, June, and Eden are some of the best and most fleshed-out characters I've ever read about, especially in YA dystopians. It is evident that Marie Lu took her time in writing this sequel—it was perfectly paced and truly added to the story. Obviously Eden takes some of the spotlight for once, and we get to see him grow tremendously, but Lu didn't neglect the other characters. This story was believable, emotional, and extraordinary in a genre that has had difficulty being so. The world she created here is rooted in potential reality and that's what makes it so unique. The politics of this series are so complicated, yet real, that they become increasingly enticing and scary. I'm in awe of these books and will continue thinking about and re-reading them forever. Thank you, Marie Lu, for imagining such a frightful reality and for exploring the world from each and every angle.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Let's Kill Tonight

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