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  • ★★★-3

Review: Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fischer (Spoiler-Alert)

This was a collection of three "books", so I rated each one separately as I read them.

Part One: 3 stars

UM that cliffhanger is just straight up rude. I wasn’t really planning on reading the sequels until I was left needing more. I’ve heard bad things about the ending of this series, but I just need to know what happens. I enjoyed reading this as there’s an obvious question that needs to be answered. I won’t be satisfied until I get it. The characters are kind of blah, and so is the writing, so that’s why I only gave it three stars. Nothing spectacular, but it kept me entertained. I’m already reading book two and it’s really good so far; it has even more intrigue than the first. I’m just becoming wary because of how bad I’ve heard the ending is. Only time will tell, I suppose. Wish me luck.

Part Two: 4 stars

This installment was better than the first because I was already invested in the story. I was utterly addicted to it, as you can see by my read dates. I am very confused as to why this series was not published as one book, because that would make a lot more sense. It lacks a little depth because of this. To add on, this sequel showcases another perfect cliffhanger and I’m left needing to know more yet again. The characters are still just “eh” for me, but the plot truly stands out. I’m scared to read the next on because nearly everyone is disappointed by the ending. On I go!

Part Three: 2 stars

** spoiler alert ** Right. So here’s the thing. The ending is stupid. I appreciate the sentiment, but so much just doesn’t add up. 1. Why was there mud and dirt on their sheets the first day? This led me to believe that some sort of crime happened to them, or something more interesting than “fate.” 2. Why did Cora’s mom call Charlie “Sammy” when they took her in? Who were the nurses? Why did they have a hospital style basement with concrete bathrooms? It all legitimately makes no sense. I never became connected to any characters, so once the plot went downhill, so did my enjoyment. Overall this series was entertaining, but built to a disappointing ending.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Never Forget You

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