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Review: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (Spoiler-Free)

Everybody needs to read this book. Everyone can learn something from the story of Starr Carter and Khalil. Everyone can learn something from every single character in this book. Starr, Chris, Khalil, Kenya, Hailey, Maya, Maverick, King, Seven, Sekani, Lisa, Iesha, Ms. Ofrah, and of course DeVante. Even the more minor characters like Mr. Lewis deserve a huge shoutout. There is no character that does not make an impact in this story. They are all amazing and have extraordinarily meaningful arcs over the course of the novel. I am so thankful that this book exists, and even more happy that it exists in YA because it is absolutely necessary for teens to read about the pressing issues in modern society. Racism and police brutality are some of the biggest problems that need to be fixed in today's world. There were moments throughout this book when I was physically sweating because I was so absorbed into the story, and that only happens when I'm reading a really good book. “Brave doesn't mean you're not scared. It means you go on even though you're scared.” - Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give) “It's dope to be black until it's hard to be black.” - Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give) As for my concluding note, all I have to say is please read this book. Please get someone else to read this book. Please spread the message that police brutality is one of the worst real life issues in the United States of America today.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Born This Way

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