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Discussion: Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor

**Time to discuss spoilers!!!!!!**

Daughter of Smoke & Bone:

“Once upon a time an angel and a devil held a wishbone between them. And its snap split the world in two.” -Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke & Bone)

I started this book loving the atmosphere and the characters, but I still had no idea about what was about to come. Karou came across as such a mysterious character, and her daily “errands” made me so curious. I began wondering what Karou could possibly be collecting these teeth for. And eventually I found out that they were for RESURRECTIONS. Karou’s cute life continued with her cool friend Zuzana, and her gross ex Kaz. Until Kishmish died!!! I was so sad about that, but also glad that Zuzana would finally get to know the truth about her best friend. That was when everything went wrong. THE PORTALS WERE BURNED. She couldn’t get back to her family with Brimstone, and Issa, Yasri, and Twiga. So as Akiva started explaining things to her, I could understand why he burned the portals. He thought that Brimstone was his enemy, like many chimaera were. But he was oh so wrong. At this point I was internally screaming THE WISHBONE THE WISHBONE THE WISHBONE… and then it happened.

“Once upon a time an angel and a devil held a wishbone between them. And its snap split the world in two.” -Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke & Bone)

As Madrigal began explaining her life, I wasn’t sure what was happening, and was immediately like, “GET THIS CHIC AWAY FROM AKIVA.” Until she cocked her head to one side like a bird. MADRIGAL WAS KAROU AND KAROU WAS MADRIGAL.

And of course from there I was like, what more twists could they possibly throw in? And then Akiva admitted what he did. He killed them all. ALL. Even Brimstone, who he didn’t know was on their side.

OF COURSE this was how the book ended and I NEEDED MORE. So I sped on over to the library and got the next two books.

Days of Blood & Starlight:

Ugh, Karou was mad at Akiva. Understandable considering he murdered all of her family and friends, but COME ON I shipped them so she would have to get over it right? Wrong. For now at least.

Kaz still needed to go away because ew.

So anyway, Karou really needed to get back to Eretz to see who was left and what she could save, but of course she needed to fly. Apparently Razgut was still alive somehow, so he helped her out with that. She finally made it to Eretz! YAY!

Now on Akiva’s perspective we suffered some problems. What was he up to? OHHHH he was plotting to kill his dad, the emperor, that makes perfect sense. I mean I was happy but shocked, especially as his plan, that I expected to be a flawless heist scene, turned into A DISASTER. I mean honestly, things were going fine and then BAM THERE GOES HAZAEL. And while Joram was dead as expected, JAEL HAD BEEN PLOTTING THE WHOLE TIME???

Back to Karou. A thurible was found OMG IT’S BRIMSTONE. Wait, false hope of course, it was actually Issa. Still great, but it got me too excited. Now as she created her soldiers, Ziri went out on the quest to kill some angels, but instead had to endure the worst torture. He had to eat his comrades ASHES. Yup. That bad.

Almost as bad as what Thiago did to Karou. It was horrible, and lasted for so long. Luckily, she killed him. WOOHOO the White Wolf is dead! However, this could have led to some major problems… If it weren’t for Ziri. He took the body of Thiago, and Haxaya took the body of Ten. A perfect idea, what could go wrong? Especially when they needed to combine forces with their greatest enemy. Seraphim.

Night of Cake & Puppets:

Zuzana & Mik are life goals.

Dreams of Gods & Monsters:

First of all, who is this Eliza chic?

Back to seraphim and chimaera: They were finally united as one and almost working side by side. But then, of course Haxaya/Ten had to go all out and almost ruin everything. It ended up being okay, because if Haxaya hadn’t beaten up Liraz, Ziri wouldn’t have healed her. And that means that Liraz and Ziri wouldn’t have happened <3.

Akiva created a way for seraphim to become immune to hamsas, and I speculate that it was just so he could get closer to Karou *cough cough*. She really needed to tell him about the true Thiago sooner because I couldn’t live with him thinking that she could possibly be friends with the White Wolf for so long.

They went out to battle and I was so calm because I was expecting a good battle. I really don’t know why I expected things to go well. I was doing okay until Ziri was stabbed! *flails*

And the Liraz pushed Akiva through the portal instead of herself. *violently flails*

My mind was racing the whole time waiting for an answer to the question: ARE THEY ALL DEAD OR NOT?

Then of course I found out more about Eliza and MORGAN TOTH HAD TO RUIN EVERYTHING FOR HER.

Zuzana & Mik were still life goals at this point.

Zuzana in general is goals, especially that sassy eyebrow wiggling.

Then of course we were reuinited with Esther. THE GREEDY BUTTFACE. How could she just throw them all out for her own gain? Luckily, Mik played her like a violin. (get it?)

Karou on the other hand is completing her master plan with Akiva when things go horribly wrong yet again. And then right. And then wrong. And then right again? Honestly it was crazy. First Razgut tricked them, then Haxaya tricked Razgut, then Jael tricked Akiva, then Akiva tricked Jael, and in the end Karou and company won!

Back to Zuzana & Mik. Of course they fixed Eliza. Of course she sprouted wings. Of course she knows another portal.

OH GOD. THIAGO HAD BEEN HUNG. That could have meant one of two things: They were all dead, or the author wanted us to think they were all dead. Luckily, number two was correct.

The matters of Ziri were still somber, until LIRAZ SAVED THE DAY. She sang him into that canteen like the boss she is! Liraz and Ziri forever <3 (Liri? Ziraz?)

Oh my god. Zuzana & Mik are too much. They tamed a stormhunter. And named him Samurai. And Mik proposed to her while riding it. Why am I not surprised?

Then the ending came. I was sad when Akiva and Karou had to split, but infinitely happy when they got to be back together in their little hut.


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