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Review: Anna & the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Spoiler-Free)

First let me start off by saying that the reason I am using a stock photo for this review rather than one of my own, is because of the old cover of Anna & the French Kiss. Unfortunately, my library only has this book with the old cover, and I would like to save you all from having to witness that monstrosity of a cover. And the reason for that is: This book is SO much better than that cover. Personally, I think the new cover embodies the feel of the book perfectly. This story is full of conflict, resolution, and happiness that will keep you hooked on reading until the very end. And don't worry, you won't be disappointed by the ending. ;)

“French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused.”

- Stephanie Perkins (Anna & the French Kiss)

Anna Oliphant is sent away to a boarding school in Paris by her father James Ashley. He is an author of cheesy romance novels, and cannot deal with her anymore. So, forced to pack her bags and leave Atlanta, Georgia, Anna sets off to finish high school in Paris. The only problem is that the only thing she knows about Paris is not to wear white sneakers. She doesn't even know how to speak French. Luckily, once she arrives, she is greeted by a girl Meredith, and is welcomed into her friend group. That's when she meets him, Étienne St. Clair.

Song I was reminded of while reading: Roses

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